LEADERSHIP COURSE OFFERINGNovember 1st, 2017 Executive Summary: A high functioning Team requires three components; intimacy, relevance and measurability agreed to by the team. Gaining proficiency in these...
THE HUMBLE SERVANTDecember 16th, 2014...
NEW BEGINNINGS AND THE PROMISE OF GREATNESSJuly 26th, 2012 I was down at the golf course a few weeks ago at the start of the day. The driving range had been set up and no one had showed up. There the balls sat, waiting for...

Leadership Course Offering

Executive Summary:

A high functioning Team requires three components; intimacy, relevance and measurability agreed to by the team. Gaining proficiency in these three areas produces higher employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Intimacy is knowledge and relationship at a level that allows team members to fully understand approach and content in conversation as if they were speaking and listening from the other person’s perspective. Communication effectiveness grows exponentially when this is achieved.

Relevance is the understanding of the importance of job and task for the employee, the executive/owner’s family and the community. The employee knows, sees and feels who and how their job impacts on a local, national and global level. The team understands and embraces company direction and goals universally.

Measurability is beyond the intrinsic or obvious traditional requirements of the job description; and includes creative quantification of satisfaction, happiness, and personal and team validation. Goals are set and measured throughout the learning cycle.

The 2Eagles Leadership Training is a one-year program designed to develop effective strong ethical leaders that are focused on the goals of the organization, understand their own and their team’s strengths, communicate effectively and powerfully, practice ethically and morally, are flexible and open to change, and solve problems daily with practiced ease. Graduates of this program will gain tools and techniques that will give them job security and opportunities for advancement.

 This Training includes five modules. Each module is intrinsic to the completion of the training. The Cost of each module is 2500$ per trainee.

Total cost of the program is 12500$ per trainee.

 Module 1: 9 Hours

 This Module’s primary content is on Personal Leadership, and focuses on the competencies of Professionalism, Personal Skills, Values and Respect for team members.  At the end of this module the student will understand their own Leadership Style and each team members balance between Task Completion, Analysis, Teamwork and Creativity.

Reference material will include but not be limited to:

  • The Four Agreements
  • The Happiness Advantage
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Leadership 360

Module 2: 9 hours

This module’s primary content is on building Employee engagement and focuses on the competencies of Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Influence, and Diversity.

Reference material will include but not be limited to:

  • Style Shifting.
  • Assessing the Team using the PSI
  • Why Aren’t you more like Me? (book)
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Crucial Conversation

Module 3: 9 Hours

 This module’s primary content is focused on Conflict Management, and includes the competencies of Conflict Resolution, External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, and Leadership

Reference material will include but not be limited to:

  • Who Moved My Cheese?
  • The Disney U introduction to the Key concepts: Safety/Courtesy/Show (on my game)/Efficiency
  • Twelve Management Lessons (Disney)
  • The Speed of Trust
  • Job Description and Role Definition.
  • Interview with Direct report.
  • 360 assessments.

Module 4: 9 Hours

This module’s primary content is on Leading Strong Teams, and includes the competencies of Teamwork, Roles and Responsibilities, Reporting Mechanisms, Results Orientation, Initiative and Adaptability.  

Reference material will include but not be limited to:

  • Team Building
  • Johari Window Workshop
  • Good to Great workshop

Module 5: 9 Hours

This module’s primary content is Strategic Planning, Networking and Planning. Competencies studied will include Change Management, Decision Making, Customer Acquisition and Retention, and Vision Casting.

 Reference material will include but not be limited to: 

  • Crucial Conversations
  • The Four agreements
  • Good to Great

The Humble Servant

August 25, 2008  Humboldt (Dad) 007

New Beginnings and the Promise of Greatness

I was down at the golf course a few weeks ago at the start of the day. The driving range had been set up and no one had showed up. There the balls sat, waiting for the first golfers of the day to show up. Untouched, perfectly lined up, ready for the warm up before the round.

As I stood there admiring the view; several thoughts entered my mind. Anticipation of what’s ahead, so much like the life that we lead – every hour/every day/every week is full of promise and hope – our first step, first day at school, first love, first job. And every milestone starts at “the driving range” necessary for that part of life.

The driving range takes on many forms – practicing those first few steps, figuring out how school works, building friendships, choosing a career path, finding a life partner.

So, how is your grip on life, your stance on education and work? Are you in the swing of things with your mate; finding yourself in the rough a little too often? Are you able to read the breaks when they come your way?

Most good golfers have a coach that helps them finesse their game to their particular talents. Great teachers don’t make big changes to their client’s game. Great teachers help to unlock the potential from within, the magic that each player possesses – as unique as a fingerprint. Think of the swings out there on tour – Tiger/The Big Easy/Couples/Furyk/Phil/Bubba/Daly. No two swings the same, but each one with their own measure of greatness.

Great Life Coaches also recognize your unique fingerprint. They see your greatness within. They help you find your own magic, discover your own balance, create a practice schedule to achieve your best life game. When you want to move ahead and play your biggest possible game, it’s time to start thinking about a coach.

When you want to not only dream big but also achieve those dreams for your best possible life, it’s time to find that coach to help you line up those dreams in to an achievable plan.

When you want to put your plans into action and be held and hold yourself accountable to the plan, it’s time to find your coach

The same day that I took a picture of the practice facility I turned around and was struck by the image of the club’s flag at half-mast. This tradition, as old as time, honors each member as they end their life.

I couldn’t help but pause and think about how each of us spend and end our time here on this planet.

I was also reminded of the quote

“Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.” (Grace Hansen)

I lost a friend last week. He was a good man. Loved his family fiercely, appreciated those around him deeply, cared about people way more than things. Reminds me of a William Wallace quote: “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.

We are all in the middle of our lives right now. We are all moving forward in time. We know that change is happening every second, minute, hour in us and around us. But are we living our best possible life? Are we showing up everywhere we are? Are we really listening to those around us? Do we know what our strengths and skills are and are we being used to our maximum? Is every day a blessing and do we feel fulfilled as we climb into bed each night?

Why not find the best grip on our lives, why not adopt the stance that allows us to enjoy all that comes our way, and why not swing right into the middle of the best imaginable course for our lives as soon as possible. Today, this moment, take a deep breath. Don’t wait for the world to change – You can change yourself and that changes everything!

If you need some help getting that clarity and planning to move forward, FIND A COACH and get started.